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One of the questions I often get from online friends is what’s our story. Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to share our heart and story with out meeting face to face, so I’ve decided to give a unified resource where people can read or watch about our story. This post will be an ongoing post… it will be revised and pushed to the top each time something has changed (new adoptions / any news / etc.).

So here’s what we’ve got so far:

  1.  A blog post I wrote when we were adopting the triplets – it pretty well summarizes what was going on at that time and how they came into our house.

  2.  A blog post I wrote when we found out about the twins.

  3.  A video that one of my former students made for her videography class at the local university. If you’re only going to look at 1 of these, this is probably the best one.
  4. A TV interview we did when the “stuck documentary (adoption movie)” came through town.

  5. Some sermons I’ve given on the topic of adoption. 1. The Doctrine of Adoption (Aug 2013), 2. The Theology of Adoption pt 1 (Aug 2012), 3. The Theology of Adoption pt 2 (Aug 2012), 4. Adoption Discussion Panel that I hosted (Aug 2012).





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